DACT Electrical Ltd extensive range of high performance wired and wireless
intruder alarm systems and accessories are favourites among end-user around the country

These systems offer ideal solutions for wired and wireless installations and expansions, and provide the complete freedom and flexibility to meet the demands of every architectural challenge. Wireless systems significantly reduce the cost and disruption of the installation through the elimination of laying and running wires.

DACT Electrical new Flexible Wireless Solution provides security, safety and home automation in a combination of sheer elegance and unrivalled simplicity.

This incorporates advanced 2-way wireless technology and offers the most flexible solution for the increasing residential and SOHO market, in which conventional intrusion panels are just not enough.

DACT Maintenance Customers security needs are met by including video verification solutions, safety solutions, home automation solution. Below are some of the benefits of the systems DACT Electrical offer:

- A Wide Range of Accessories and Applications
- A wide range of safety, security and home automation accessories, both one-way and two-way wireless that can be combined in the same installation.

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Elderly Parents Safety

  • Stylish and water-resistant Wristband Panic Transmitter
  • Alerts if elderly parents are immobile in the home for over a specified time frame
Childrens Safety

  • Sends SMS when children are safely home from school
  • Video verification option to monitor children at home
  • Safety at Home
  • Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke and Flood Detectors

  • Full range of outdoor, perimeter and indoor detectors
  • Wide range of sounders
  • Advanced remote control control and monitoring
Home Automation

  • Input/Output & X10 module enables controlling lights, garage doors, garden sprinklers, etc with flexible scheduling