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New AHD CCTV camera accessories

Following the launch this year of its new HDView CCTV collection featuring the latest AHD (Analogue High Definition) technology, ESP reminds wholesalers about the accessories needed to get the very best from this new technology.

ESP has a range of single channel HD Baluns designed to facilitate AHD CCTV camera transmission over CAT5 cable. The Baluns are compatible with AHD high definition CCTV cameras, allowing traditional coax cable to be replaced by cat5 and other forms of twisted pair wire in CCTV video camera and surveillance installations. They allow installers to use more cost effective structured cabling techniques to wire security cameras.

Compatible with AHD and analogue CCTV cameras, the HDView Baluns range comprises a Single Channel HD Passive Balun (HDBALUNV), Single Channel HD Video and Power Balun (HDBALUNVP), as well as a Single Channel HD Video and Power Transmitter Balun (HDBALUNVPCT).

They provide real-time transmission over UTP cat5e/6, offer exceptional interference rejection and feature a built-in transient voltage suppressor.

AHD is the most recently developed solution for transmitting full 720P HD digital video in a CCTV surveillance system. Cable run limitation is not a problem as AHD cable runs can easily exceed 300m – longer than a standard analogue system’s capability.