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Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance: The Responsible Person

It is a myth that the Responsible Person isn’t liable or accountable in the case of injury, death or destruction in the case of a fire. The Responsible Person is duty-bound to ensure all fire and safety equipment is tested and maintained. This blog post will educate the Responsible Person in your school or company about fire alarm testing, and warn them about the implications of neglecting their duties.

The implications of neglecting fire alarm testing and maintenance

Imagine the Responsible Person was unaware that the fire alarm was due to be tested. He or she remembered that the school or comapny had performed a fire drill a couple of months ago and everything was fine, and so assumed it still was. But accidents can happen…

If a fire breaks out and the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers fail to perform, half of the property could be engulfed in flames by the time reception called the Fire Brigade.

The bottom line is, without a responsible person to schedule the tetsing and maintenance of the fire safety equipment, the school and all of the staff and students in it are at a greater risk. 


The Responsible Person is solely liable and will be fined or sentenced to prison time if fire safety regulations aren’t met. Read more on Gov.uk.

So, to avoid this, it’s crucial to have a testing schedule in place so that all fire safety equipment is properly tested at the recommended time.

DACT Fire and security support schools and businesses whose Fire Alarms they maintain, by reminding them when there next Fire Alarm Service is due, and by showing customers how to complete weekly tests.