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Securing your home whilst on holiday.

It’s true that our homes and their contents are at their most vulnerable when we are away. Most are comfortable leaving our homes unoccupied during the daytime, but longer trips present more problems. When your house is vacant overnight, you’re automatically more vulnerable, and burglars get to know your routine.

So, how can you avoid advertising to potential burglars that your home is not as secure as it usually is?

Keep off social media

We all like to show off about our holidays, or post pictures of the queues at the airport on Twitter when we’re bored. But that’s an invitation for a burglar to go and check your house.

If you use Facebook or Twitter or any other major social networking site, resist updating it with holiday snaps until you get back.  Even with good privacy settings, friends of friends may still see your status, so you never really know who’s watching your social media streams.

Have an alarm fitted

It’s a misconception that people ignore alarms or find them annoying. One person who won’t ignore your alarm is a potential burglar.

When questioned, the vast majority of convicted burglars confess that they would be much less likely to attempt to burgle a home that they knew was fitted with an alarm – and almost all burglars would run away  if they sounded an alarm during a burglary.

A security alarm works just as well as a deterrent as it does as an alerting device. Keep your alarm properly serviced and maintained.

Ask a friendly neighbour

The best way to convince someone that an unoccupied home is actually occupied is to create the impression that it is occupied.

If your neighbour is agreeable, ask them to park their car on your drive, and give them a key so they can go in and make sure the curtains are open in the day and closed at night. It also helps to have post removed from the doormat. You can also install timer devices to control the lights inside your home to give the effect of someone being inside.

More advice

If you take your home security seriously, then your home will not become an addition to the annual figures for burglaries in your area. It also means you’ll be able to relax much more when you are on holiday, and severely diminishes the chances that you will come home to a nasty, unwelcome surprise.

For specialist advice tailored to your home and neighbourhood, speak to DACT. Every property is different, and our team can advise on the best way to ensure that your home is secure.