Solihull College

Builders: Builders Kier Group
Electrical: Contractor NG Bailey
start date: July 2009
Completion date: Jan 2011
DACT Maintenance DACT Maintenance

A £31 million redevelopment scheme is transforming Solihull College’s Blossomfield Campus into one of the UK’s most exciting and modern learning facilities. The redevelopment contract of Solihull College is DACT Ltd largest fire alarm project and is due to compete early 2011.

Once finished, the redevelopment will provide students with high quality services and facilities including a new visual arts, media and performing arts block complete with large theatre, as well as modern class rooms and workshops. It will also allow the College to increase its provision of specialist vocational training in a range of areas such as graphics, animal care, sport, fashion, hair and beauty and business and management training.

The project’s plans incorporate cutting-edge design which will see the remodelled campus unify existing buildings with contemporary additions. It aims to provide students with a top-class learning facility in a stylish landscaped environment.

Classrooms are being remodelled and resource centres upgraded to make the Solihull College experience a truly unique event. Students will be able to indulge themselves in workshops and tutorial areas while a stylish reception area and exhibition space will support a new landscaped courtyard.

Job Spec

  • 609 Fire alarm Points

Warwick Uni Arts Centre

Main Contractor: Dimension Data
Start Date: June 09
Completion Date: Sept 09
DACT Maintenance DACT Maintenance

DACT have completed a major project upgrading the Warwick Art Centre existing Cat5e infrastructure to a CAT6 system. The DACT engineer replaced the whole infrastructure including all the facilities’ including the Cinema, Eat restaurant, Viva café, bar areas back offices, the box office, theatre, music ensemble, conference room, National Grid conference room, Mead gallery, BBC broadcasting studio.

Job Spec

  • 602 Data Points
  • 9 Fibres links
  • 5 Copper 50 Pair links

West Ham Bus Garage

Builders: Mansell
Electrical: Briggs & Forrester
start date: April 09
Completion date: May 10
DACT Maintenance DACT Maintenance

When completed next May, it will be Britain’s biggest bus garage, with spaces for 300 buses. 650 drivers will be based there, out of the 2600 drivers based at seven depots who work for East London Buses.

The new West Ham bus garage will have a grass roof to collect rainwater for recycling within the depot, and a wind turbine to generate electricity, the garage will have 20% renewable energy. The buses run on the 35,000 litres of fuel delivered to the garage every other day. The fuel includes 5% bio diesel. East London Bus Group, which runs 1100 of London’s 8000 buses, will move its headquarters from Ilford to West Ham when the new garage is ready.

One of the primary functions of the new bus garage maintenance facility for London Transport to assist with the increase for the public transport for the 2012 Olympic Games.

This project is currently DACT Ltd biggest to date and included installation of the fire alarm, PA system, door access control, CCTV and disabled alarms. DACT Ltd has successfully handed over Phase 2 at West Ham Bus Garage, London.

Job Spec

  • 370 Fire Alarm Points
  • 5 Disabled Alarms
  • 23 Access intelligent door controllers
  • 31 Camera system
  • 36 Speaker PA system

Stanleys International Betting

start date:
Completion date:
DACT Maintenance DACT Maintenance

Stanley International Betting Limited offers sports betting services. It owns and operates betting outlets in the United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Greece, and Cyprus. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Stanley International Betting Limited is a subsidiary of Stanleybet International Limited.

DACT over saw the complete refurbishment of their new head offices at Mercury Court. This work included all electrical, telecommunications and data network solutions. The Stanley International Betting Limited head office is now one of the most prestigious in Liverpool.

Job Spec

  • 524 Data points
  • 14 Satellite comms cabs with 48 links to main comms cab

Snow Hill Station

Builders: BAM Nuttall
Electrical: ECA
start date: March 09
Completion date: July 09
DACT Maintenance DACT Maintenance

The purpose of the redevelopment of Snow Hill station is to construct a new entrance at the opposite end of the station, on the outside of the inner ring road. This involves the construction of two large reinforced concrete shafts to house staircases, lifts and escalators. Both shafts are approximately 30m long x 7m wide and 8m deep below the existing platform level. Access to the first shaft is via an existing railway arch which will be refurbished to create a new entrance lobby.

The two shafts are connected by a pedestrian tunnel, approximately 12m long and 5m wide, located underneath the railway tracks.

The site is located within a Victorian, brickwork viaduct. This structure consists of a series of arches, retaining walls and fill material. Support and partial demolition of the existing structure, together with the usual constraints present while working in a rail environment, have posed a complex technical challenge.

Working as a Third Party to Network Rail, due recognition has to be taken of the sensitivity of the existing Victorian structure and the close proximity of our works to the railway infrastructure..

We are currently working alongside BAM Nuttall Ltd to construct a new entrance at Snow Hill Station in Birmingham. The site is located within a Victorian brickwork viaduct located on Livery Street in order to give commuters access to the lower Snow Hill part of the city centre. The contract is scheduled for completion in June 2009.

Job Spec

  • 78 Fire points