Door Access, Controlling Access - Personnel Authorise Levels

Whatever your business or industry DACT Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to develop a Public Address (PA) system for virtually any requirement. Partnerships with leading manufacturers, including Bose, Bosch, Toa and InterM, ensure we are able to offer the best range of Public Address (PA) products on the market.

With great experience in the field of fixed and portable Public Address and Tannoy systems enables us to provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including office complexes, schools, factories, warehouses, retail outlets, leisure centres (including football stadiums), churches and military establishments.

DACT Maintenance Public Address/PA is a very useful communication system enabling you to broadcast a short message to all staff or customers at once, including voice evacuation announcements PA systems can also be augmented with telephone system interfaces (IP PA) enabling staff to put a call out over the public address system speakers.